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Buy Crypto using PayPal & lots more on SendAM.


Top Priority On Security

SendAM was built considering security and ensuring safety of users funds.

Alerts & Notifications

PIN lock protects SendAM app from unauthorised access by allowing you use a unique 4-digit pin.

Strong Encryption

Our exceptional cyber security helps ensure that your financial data are safe.

HODL, Send or Receive

Crypto Web3 Wallet

Hodl, send or receive crypto with the SendAM mobile Crypto wallet securely and seamlessly.

Web3 cryptos are a new wave of cryptocurrencies that focus on making the decentralized vision of Web3 a reality. They combine blockchain technology with smart contracts to give people control over their data and make transactions without relying on third parties.

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Swap Crypto

  • Start accepting crypto payment in-person within minutes.

  • Hodl, swap, send or receive crypto with the SendAM mobile Crypto wallet securely and seamlessly.

  • That stuff never gets boring.


Why People Use SendAM

We understand the value of partnership and that is why we operate globally.

Their services are great,customer care service is top notch.

Superb services with great customer support. Many thanks.

Amazing app. It has evolved overtime and this is just beautiful! I love the simplicity and how intuitive the design is.

The future for peer to peer. Really works well for me As I pretty much get to set my own rates.

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Ready To Start Exchanging?

SendAM works no matter your country.

Internationally Accepted

Regardless of nationality, SendAM breaks through language barriers as it offers localization, RTL, and preferred choice of currency. Anyone no matter their country can make use of SendAM. We utilized major digital assets as payout methods.

Powerful Options

SendAM was built with security in mind, hence it offers App Lock (Fingerprint, FaceId and passcodes), too many attempts lock out for passcode and login, privacy mode to hide balance, ability to disable account, transaction signing etc

2-Factor Authentication

As an extra layer of security, SendAM provides 2 factor authentication to users, Email or SMS authentication.


SendAM records user device records like device name, IP, location, and country, with respect to date of login.

Online Verification

SendAM ensures that all transactions are in compliance with Anti money laundry policy. Unusual transactions are flagged and such user directed to perform a KYC.

Spam Protection

All transactions are carried out by SendAM agents on behalf of the buyers. We dont connect buyers and sellers directly to avoid cases of fraud on trades.


Common Questions

Please use our support service if you can not find a question that you are looking for.

Sendam is a peer-to-peer BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, DOGE, USDT exchange. We are a mobile marketplace where users can buy BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, DOGE, USDT to and from each other using more than 100+ different payment methods.

All online trades are handled by SendAM directly. We dont allow vendors to trade with our users. All transactions pass through SendAM. You never have to worry about getting scammed.

We currently have over 12 ways to buy cryptocurrency on SendAM!

Some of these include:
Bank transfers (ACH, wire transfers, etc.)
Credit/debit cards
Online Wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Transferwise, Payeer, Webmoney, etc.)
Gift cards (Amazon, iTunes, Visa, etc.)
Altcoins (Ethereum, Litecoin)

We kept our fees to the minimum. When trading or transferring cryptocurrency you may run into fees. At SendAM we charge only 1%.

Please contact support to have your account cancelled.

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Our Tips and Latest News

Latest updates and news to keep you informed about SendAM.

Physical Headoffice At Abuja, Nigeria

Our headquarter for humans at SendAM to work and interract with the real world commences.

Looking for where to serve in Abuja?

Work at SendAM as a youth corper or intern and earn from deals made through you.

Get into Tech world! Become a devloper

SendAM offers coding classes to personnels who would love to start a career as a web developer.