Anti Money Laundering Policy

General Framework

We have no tolerance for money laundering, the financing of terrorism or any other form of illicit activity, and are committed to implementing appropriate policies, procedures and controls to prevent those activities. Our policies are shaped by industry best practices, a risk-based approach and the effective anti-money laundering standards applied in the European Union and worldwide. These policies apply, without exception, to all employees of the Company, its Board Members and Directors, as well as to its subsidiaries.

The purpose of this text is to provide to the Company’s Clients, Providers, Partners, Vendors, Contractors, Employees, Law enforcement and other concerned stakeholders a high-level and summarized overview of the Company’s main AML/CTF policies and procedures. By no means is this content to be considered as the whole set of all policies, procedures and controls that are implemented and in place by the Company for prevention of money laundering, financing of terrorism and other forms of illicit activity.

This document and all underlying policies, processes and procedures are prepared in line with provisions, requirements and recommendations of:

  • Our Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention will be amended from time to time once we start to fully operate in different regions.