Careers at Sendam

Join the Sendam family

Here at Sendam, we strive to make changes to the everyday lives of people by being innovative about what we do and how we do it. We believe financial freedom is a human right and aim to make that a reality. Join our cause and make a difference!

Working at Sendam is anything but ordinary. Our teams are always on the grind. We work hard, play hard, and then work harder to ensure that we’re always ahead of the game. You can often find Sendam employees jamming out to music, at the gym, grabbing snacks, or lounging out in the sun during working hours and that's because we believe in HUSTLE & BUSTLE. It might sound cheesy but we call each other family because we love each other and love what we do hence we give you time to explore nature and bring in your best towards our cause.

Sendam teams tend to have:

  • An open mind: We believe that change and new ideas are exciting, not threatening.
  • A proactive attitude: We’re willing and ready to roll up our sleeves and take responsibility.
  • Accountability: As colleagues, we take care of each other and our work.
  • Self-direction: We figure out solutions on our own and take charge of carrying them out.
  • An adaptive mindset: We shift our processes, perspectives, and working styles along with the environment.
  • Passion: We feel driven by being part of the mission.
  • Sounds like a fit?