Risk Assessment

Evaluate the risk level of payments in real time to help detect potentially fraudulent transactions before they're processed.


The Risk Assessment protocol enables Sendam to assess the risk of a payment before approving it's final withdrawal to identify high risk transactions.

Sendam payment risk assessment evaluates the risk level of each payment wallet used for deposit in real-time using different details specific to that payment. Using a combination of historic events like payment note, source of funding and IP information, the system derives a risk score for that payment ranging from 0–1000, where higher the number, higher the risk.

The success of a risk model ultimately depends on its ability to detect fraudulent transactions while maintaining a low decline rate. The Sendam risk model helps detect potentially fraudulent transactions before they are processed to final users account, helping to minimize the number of chargebacks and declines.

Final Summary

Although we made our payout duration specific on the payout page, some payments will go under this assessment when the risk factor is considered high and as such, such users will experience a longer withdrawal period than usual. Your withdrawal is safe. Its just our system evaluating your risk factor despite going through our verification process.

Payment Assessment is a comprehensive approach to help evaluate each transaction that is being processed via a risk score.

This procedure is final and we can not control it.

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